Le Pie Announces New Music – Friday March 3

Le Pie’s 2017 sophomore EP, Sad Girl Theory won’t disappoint those who have already fallen in love with her brand of dark, dreamy, indie rock. Written by Le Pie and co-produced by Le Pie and Tim Carr, Sad Girl Theory showcases a bolder and more refined sound. Layered vocal harmonies and catchy pop hooks are set to the reverb and distortion drenched guitars we have come to know and love from Le Pie.

Full of deeply personal lyrics, Sad Girl Theory is a journey into Le Pie’s experience of motherhood, marriage and the realities of contemporary relationships.

“The title of this EP references the work of young American visual artist, Audrey Wollen. She looks at female sadness and internalized struggle and frames them as forms of resistance. What is wrong with being sad? Why am I expected to walk around and smile just to make other people comfortable?

I wanted this EP to discuss topics that music and even society don’t speak about much; being a young single mother, struggling financially, feeling shunned by the community and abandoned by the social system. There are things to be sad about, sometimes sadness is a perfect response to the world. Women shouldn’t have to hide their sadness just because it’s ‘apparently’ not very appealing. It can be embraced, it can be a source of revolt!” – Le Pie

Sad Girl Theory’s first single, White Walls & Promises, is a heartbreaking story of motherhood, love and loss. Partnered with a film clip from cutting edge cinematographer, Hannah Dougherty, and a musical score that sounds as though it could sit perfectly on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Le Pie is sure to continue breaking hearts and winning over new fans in 2017.

Watch the EP teaser here.