New Bloods! Premiered Tonight On Triple J’s Home & Hosed


Have you ever had a crush on someone? The kind that renders your speech useless, makes your heart beat so fast you can feel it in your neck? The kind that consumes your mind so much you can barely think of anything else?

‘Bug Eyes’, the latest single from Sydney’s garage/pop/punk darlings Bloods addresses just this predicament. The track will be premiered on Triple J’s Home & Hosed TONIGHT (23/10/17) and released to the public tomorrow. 

Inspired by a new found love, lead singer MC set out to chronicle the feeling of being deep in the midst of a crippling crush.

“Having a crush on someone can really mess with your mind. Listening to love songs all day, finding excuses to talk to them. It’s a feeling unlike anything else and when I started writing this song, I wanted to capture that feeling. It was really important to me that it be cathartic and that the song burst with a child like, almost reluctant but undeniably positive energy.” – MC

Working again with US producer Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells/M.I.A/Cults), the track follows on from 2016 single ‘Bring My Walls Down’ which has already received critical acclaim from Triple J, Rolling Stone, Blunt Magazine and Consequence of Sound.

The music video was shot at and around MC’s place by Dirk, the video is a celebration of the vibes emitted in ‘Bug Eyes’ and features a special guest cameo by Sydney’s indie dreamboat Al Grigg (Red Riders/Straight Arrows/Palms).

“When we were talking about shooting a video for the track, we wanted it to be a classic DIY Bloods vid and be simple and joyous: just the crusher, their mind and the sweet love vibes. Dirk and I basically came up with the idea and how to shoot it a couple days before we shot it. I wanted it to follow a ‘passing time until you see your crush’ narrative. When it came to casting our crush, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting that Al!” – MC

Their sophomore album, Feelings is due for release in 2018.